Welcome to Fox Hollow Farm - Garlic at its Finest

 Planting & Harvesting Suggestions

Depending on your geographical location and climate.....


·         We begin planting around the 2nd to 3rd week in October.

·         Raised beds

·         We plant at least 6 inches apart

·         Bottom end of clove down (there is a top and bottom) about two to three inches deep, soft loose soil.

·         Mulch to avoid frost heave and hinder weed growth.

Growing Season

·         Fertilize May thru July

·         Cut scapes if you desire

         Weeding is essential


·         Sampling is the first step to assure garlic readiness

·         Harvest around 2nd to 3rd week of July

·         It is recommended to begin when Garlic has at least five leaves; and the bottom leaves start to turn color.

·         Varieties will differ at harvest time.

·         Weather and temperature will effect harvest time