Welcome to Fox Hollow Farm - Garlic at its Finest


 Rocambole: Rocamboles have a deeper more full-bodied      flavor than soft-necks. They produce large cloves, which are easily peeled, making them preferred by chefs and food processors. Rocamboles average 6-10 cloves per bulb.

 Porcelain: Another hard-neck with superior flavor, rivaling that of the Rocamboles. Large symmetrical bulbs that average 4-6 cloves.

Purple Stripe: Named due to the bright purple streaks and blotches on both bulb & clove skins. Very flavorfull, great bakers, and they average 8-12 cloves per bulb.

Artichoke: A softneck garlic, named for their configuration of several overlapping layers of cloves, reminiscent of the true Artichoke. Many Artichokes exhibit a mild flavor, preferred by those who eat their garlic raw for health reasons. However, cold winters can intensify the flavors. 3 to 5 clove layers containing 12 to 20 total cloves.



Carpathian:  SOLD OUT 2013 From the Carpathian Mts. of southwest Poland. Nice vigorous plant in the field. Classic garlic flavors with a nice overall tang. Hot spicy, strong and garlicky. 

German Red:  A vigorous deep green plant that can produce a very nice sized bulb with classic strong spicy flavors.

Hnat: Thank you, to Mr. Jurica for this lovely strain. A smaller clove garlic with a wonderful HOT taste. This little guy will fool you. Original strain from Slovakia.

Italian Red: Large beautiful plant in the field with very large easily peeled cloves. Good garlic flavorwith just the right amount of spice. This is one for the sauces! Seems to love the cold and has a wonderful taste as well. Special Thanks to Mr. DiCaprio. 

Korean Rocambole:  A nice sized bulb that originated from Korea. This is another hot one. Large easily peeled bulbs. A chili cook's choice.

Spanish Roja: A very versatile and tasty Rocambole. Several large easily peeled cloves. When well grown, its flavor is said to be the true taste of garlic. Likes the cold, often performs poorly in mild climates.

Temptress: ( GSF 65 ) Introduced by the folks from the Garlic Seed Foundation. Said to be the most powerful of all the garlic’s. If you like strong, spicy and hot garlic then you have got to try this one. Not for the weak of heart.


Foxy:  Full garlic flavor with a nice little snap of heat and a smooth finish. Large bulbs, and easily peeled cloves. An easy grower.

Georgian Fire:  Here is the salsa lover’s garlic. Large easy to peel cloves that when eaten raw are strong and hot but are not over powering.

Music:  Outstanding plant in the field with very large bulbs. Rapidly becoming the favorite. Large, beautiful bulbs that peel easily and have a nice snappy flavor. Great for roasting.

Romanian Red:  Long storing porcelain that has between 4-6 very large easily peeled cloves. This one has a good hot spicy bite that doesn’t give up without a fight. Great for all kinds of cooking.

Rosewood:  SOLD OUT 2013 Beautiful large cloved porcelain with pink hued cloves. An easy to peel garlic originally from Russia, this one can pack some heat and stores really well.  

Zemo:  This porcelain variety originated from the republic of Georgia. Pinkinsh cloves with a moderately spicey flavor. This strain is usually harvested later in the season.


Chestnok Red:  Typically one of the best growing purple stripes. Flavors that rival Spanish Roja and an excellent cooker, originally from Shvelisi, Georgia. This one is a garlic for the garlic connoisseur. What more could you ask for.

Ferganskij:  SOLD OUT 2013 A very pretty bulb with beautiful color. This is another nice overall garlic.Original strain brought to the US from Uzbekistan. Great on tossed salad.

Persian Tempest:   It’s a beautiful looking plant in the field with purple-blotched cloves and a nice pleasant taste.

Purple Glazer: Originally Mchadidzhvari#1 from the Republic of Georgia. This bulb is large, fat and has easy to peel cloves that have a very pleasant taste. Very nice overall garlic for those who prefer garlic without a lot of bite.


Bogatyr:  SOLD OUT 2013 This is a big and robust hardneck with few cloves that are very easy to peel with an earthy, rich taste. One of the longer storing marbled purple stripes available.


Silver White:  This garlic is also new to our farm. nice hardy garlic in the field, and a long storing garlic. Excellent flavors that are not overpowering.

Red Janice-Turban:  Unavailable in 2013   This turban variety originates from the republic of georgia. Hot flavor that has dark red to purple stripes. usually 5-9 cloves per bulb. harvest early in the season. 


(Creole has now been proven to be a class of their own-they are the rarest form of all garlics.)

Burgundy:  SOLD OUT 2013 A spicy Creole garlic. The bulb wrappers are a deep rose color with burgundy vertical streaks. This garlic possesses full flavor and moderate heat.

Creole Ajo Rojo: Creole garlics were cultivated in Spain and spread via the conquistadors. Although thought to be a sub group of silver skins DNA has proven they are a class all of their own. They retain their flavor when cooked.